Spicy salmon for breakfast & leftover roast sirloin salad for lunch

Had some wild Alaskan salmon needed eating.. So that makes breakfast for Mrs Fitz sorted.. Have to admit that this was not today’s breakfast it was Sundays breakfast.. Spiced with Japanese chilli spice blend.. The one that I can never remember the name if!! Hmmmm darn it .. What is that stuff called?? Bugger!!

Ahh well , anyhooo I suppose with Cajun spices this would be called blackened??

Simply pan fried in pimped mrs Middletons roscoff garlic oil.. Till the skins go crispy .. Popped in some cherry tomatoes on the vine.. And lastly the only egg left in the fridge..

Couldn’t find the poachie cups .. And ok could have done it the traditional way yet those cups are cool!!

Mrs Fitz liked it yet the spices sure filled the air in the kitchen.. Slightly coughy !!

And then the roast sirloin .. Left over from Sunday.. With chopped iceberg, red Romano, last roscoff onion, some Italian fine three cheese mix from the top freezer.. Freezes real well that..

Some cherry tomatoes.. And some fresh made croutons .. Simply chopped bread and fried in the mrs Middletons pimped roscoff garlic oil ..

Scattered over and drizzled with balsamic glaze.. Chola and ranch dressing.. A good looking salad .. And a wonderful use up dish for leftover fridge finds..

The last post was actually number 555 I learnt.. That’s pretty wild huh? X





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