Truffled mash, turkey sausages, white wine sauce and peas

Firstly let’s talk about this just a little..

give peas a chance .. We all want world peace tonight I was happy with just Greenpeas.., garden green peas… Simply boiled and a little butter rattled about with them.

Yet to go with them? The sausages that were made from some of the broken down turkeys that were picked up Christmas Eve for that bargain discount price from the store that we really don’t mind where is now because we got ways driving out there so it’s not so bad any more although will get very bad when the weather turns… (Breath again!! Hahaha )

If you recall I poached these just because I felt the need at the time..

upon reflection perhaps they didn’t.. Dunno

Sure, it made an easy to manage and much quicker supper,you just skin the sausages and toss in a wok with some good sunflower oil and some butter just to brown them and heat them through .. it seems to work and is quick and easy..

And to go with them? mashed potato of course perfectness cold wintry type night although to be fair we still have very mild weather .. real winter doesn’t seem to have got to us yet but it’s definitely coming you can feeling the night … Brrrrrrr

so simply boil peeled boiled potatoes then mixed with some truffle butter

Truffle butter made from the truffles that Mr Wentworth snuffled out and hunted when he took the truffle hunting course hunting course .. I’ve been keeping this as a special after making the truffle butter and freezing it.. This is not truffle oil.. Am told that actually there is no truffle in truffle oil..

So remember that when eating/paying a fancy pants dish in a rester-aunt!!!

For the sauce.. I found a packet in the cupboard I don’t normally like using packet sources yet this is quite good one , it’s kinda a type of French white wine sauce simply add 200 ml of water into the pan stir stir stir and Ahhh wahh Lahhh is done!

This was an easy supper that turned out pretty nice, pretty darn nice indeed…

Cool X






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