Turkey sausages part two!!

Went for the poaching.. decided it was best.. and they poached and smelt lovely!! The dogs went a little crackers!! Found them some bones in their cupboard.. so that kept them happy..

Poached them for 19 minutes.. in simmering hot water..kinda like a NYC dirty dog.. in fact.. as they were simmering away.. I did think that that the addition of hotdog related spices and herbs would have been a good addition.. maybe next year!

Have also sussed why you don’t normally get these delicacies.. once made.. the adding up of cost makes these pretty darn prohibitive to supply!! Unless you didn’t use full on free rangey numbers..ahem.. I think this is gonna be a once a year number.. maybe will get better and better in the coming years!! x

These small good though.. and the snaffle sample seems to have worked with me and Mr Wentworth.. Cora Murley has not yet fully developed her taste buds.. she ate them quick!!

Good day for cooling them down.. as the winds are up again.. so no need for a blast chiller!!

Have cut them up.. bagged em.. they are in the fridge and will be frozen tonite..

Will keep them for post-poultry holiday season.. am sure if I try passing them out now they won’t go down so well!!!

The addition of the fresh cranberries seems to have added an extra edge.. just remembered that!!

Look out for them at a breakfast or BBQ soon!! X

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