Turkey sausages..

‎Ok.. you may be bored of Turkey.. or sitting their thinking/looking at a huge pile of bird in the fridge/pantry/sideboard.. this ain’t a post about use up poultry.. it’s a tale of Two Turkeys.. Two heavily discounted Turkeys!!

Sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin… x

Got those Turkeys busted up and broke down as you may recall.. as the main mincer is playing up, I had to smush it up with The Jamie Oliver processor.. this unfortunately has turned it all into a bit of a sticky gooey mess!!
A good mess though.. and after lots of discussions about why you can’t really buy turkey sausages.. this must be why.. it would work out really cost prohibitive!!

Still.. stuffed into hog casings.. an arduous task as this mix kept getting air pockets in it.. and puffing the skins up.. man.. this took a while.. they better be full on ‘loreal’ (worth it!!) x

They are looking good.. need to let them bloom in the fridge ‎tonite and I will have a another pop at them tomorrow.. am thinking of the poach for these also.. just to set the innards.. may change my mind yet right now that’s the plan Stan..

Will update tomorrow.. post decision x

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