Jack Taylors: Xmas dinner at his daughter’s

Here is My Pal Jack’s day of Feasting.. nice one Jack..‎

Like yesterday we all agreed to bring something for the meal.

My son made a beautiful spicy squash soup, which reminds me I need to get the recipe.

I slow roasted a leg of lamb on a bed of onions, a few sprigs of rosemary and a couple of bulbs of garlic halved.

The leg was stabbed all over into which I inserted slices of garlic cloves and rosemary. (anchovies or anchovie paste would have been killer here Jack! X) It was then rubbed with really good olive oil, showered with malden sea salt and freshly ground black pepper then covered in double thick foil before putting into oven at 160C for 5 hours.

It was taken out the oven and wrapped in double thick foil and a large thick towel to rest and take to Susie’s.

I separated the gravy and will freeze it for future use as Susie had bought lamb gravy to save me the effort. Very thoughtful.

I still had to make my Xmas speciality – Pavlova Roulade. It is actually very simple, if time consuming.

I whisked egg whites then gradually beat in half sugar then folded in remaining sugar, cornflour, vinegar, this is what keeps the inside chewy and a dash of vanilla extract.

This was then spread into a baking paper lined swiss roll tin and baked in a preheated oven at 165C for a total of 25min turning the tin halfway through. Removed from oven and left to cool in tin before flipping it onto a large baking sheet drenched with caster sugar.

The filling was made by whisking double cream, icing sugar and a large dash of Grand Marnier until stiff. This was spread over 2/3 of the roulade and sprinkled with blue berries, chopped strawberries and raspberries.

Using the paper, long side first it is rolled into a log. The paper was used to roll the roulade onto a serving dish.

Whisked cream was then piped along the top and served with a superb sauce made by scooping out the seeds from passion fruit mixed with finely chopped fresh skinned mangoes and halved strawberries all sweetened with home made sugar syrup.

This was strained around the roulade when served. This and a superb trifle that Christine made went down a treat.

Susie cooked a crown of turkey with all the trimmings, roasted veg, sprouts etc.

I roasted King Edwards in the oven with lots of goose fat preheated to 230c, having par boiled them for about 5 mins and puffed them in a seive beforehand. I then wrapped them up in double foil and a thick towel to take to Susie’s for the final roasting.

Altogether another great feast with all the family.

Unfortunately my son is still in Scotland and couldn’t make it.

Totally stuffed. So to bed for a long, long lie in the morning.

Nite Nite!!!

Nite nite Jack.. see you soon x happy holidays from Mr Fitz ‎ x

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