St stephens day supper

‎Dinner was served.. st stephens day.. supper.. it’s a bubble and squeak day.. normally.. x kinda followed those rules..

Smoked foreman salmon.. been keeping that for a while.. frozen of course..! This is the finest salmon.. and shredded by hand.. used up the mash from yesterday.. added chopped wild rocket, baby spinach and watercress..

One super egg.. bristol blend pepper.. garlic and chilli salt.. moulded.. rolled in flour.. pan fried to seared in Mrs Middleton’s.. pimped garlic oil..

Cooked in the oven to firm and finish..

Served with a fresh herbed salad.. with incee wincee croutons.. made fresh.. with wild rosemary from the garden..

Also a fresh horseradish and french cream sauce.. spiked with lemon juice. Paprika and chilli oil..

So that was Father’s supper..

For me and Mrs Fitz?

Hungarian beef..the smoked beef ribs from the summer.. having been defrosted after being lovingly kept and looked after in the chest freezer..

Browned.. with onions and button mushrooms.. sweet paprika.. veg stock.. and some herbs..

Pressure cooked.. 12 minutes.. added cream.. and boiled hard to reduce.. with the addition of french beans.. delicious

Served with brown rice.. this was a lovely supper.. I enjoyed it..

Hard cooking yet worth it for st stephens day.. x

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  1. The salad and fish cakes were absolutely wonderful. The cooking was just right, the tastes exquisite. Mr Fitz is developing into a very fine producer of wonderful food. And cos it’s made with love, it’s a joy to eat.


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