Jack’s Wigilia at his daughter’s house.

Lovely from me pal Jack..

Having a Polish son-in-law has many advantages. We get really lovely smoked fish, really nice vodkas, all different flavours and dare I say it strengths and of course
‎get to celebrate their Xmas eve feast as soon as the first star appears in the sky – Wigilia.

Traditionally they have 12 courses, we didn’t quite stretch to 12 but we got pretty close. They don’t eat meat at this feast, normally carp is the main dish but we had salmon en croute instead.

Very nice indeed. We made some fresh potato salad, orange glazed carrots, borscht soup with dumplings, pierogi, steamed asparagus with bearnaise sauce and a beautiful white chocolate bomb.

Of course there was plenty of vodka brought over from Miastko both home flavoured and bought of varying strengths. Needless to say a most enjoyable time was had by all. Now we have to get up early for Xmas dinner tomorrow.

Hey ho!! But that is another story.

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