Christmas lunch of salmon wellington and suckling piggie.. x Mrs Middleton’s oil? (pimped) x

‎So it’s the big one.. the lunch every one worries about and seems to struggle with.. why maybe the stress.. the people watching and declaring good ideas? The seemingly relentless TV advice.. also twinned with worry? X

Anyhoo.. got ours going.. Father as you may now understand has decided this year he ain’t eating meat from an animal.. is fish an animal?


So made him a salmon ‘wellington’.. Mrs Fitz decided on having it also.. ‎reduced (also in price) rocket spinach and watercress. With an additional roscoff garlic couple of cloves.. an onion finely diced and some left over mojo sauce.. the red one…

Onto puff pastry.. rolled.. and egg washed with a burford brown egg.. important that as father chose it from four choices..

Into the oven..

Roasties took their time.. maybe a little wet.. king Edwards.. the best? Spud for roasties they say.. bit too long these ones.. drizzled with mrs Middleton’s pimped oil.. of course! They seemed to take forever!

So did the suckling number..was that piggie I got sent fron my attorney from The fruit pig company. Wonderful.. would like to cook it again.. it took some worrying over! even checked on the oven to ensure it was ok!! ‎ It was..

Would I pay that kinda money for it? Yeah.. reckon I would.. x

All of it came together.. and served with veggies.. nice..

A good family supper.. with the BEST of company.. no more no less.. x (maybe next year we go for a massive house in the sun.. ahem,, x)

Happy holidays.. ‎ x‎

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