Simply fabulous keema spring roll pastry samosas, using leftovers 

With some leftover fabulous Mrs Fitz keema .. a real doozy that one I tells ya! Mrs  Fitz really rocks out the keema! Boom!

Anyhoo with some left I didn’t fancy it just in its lonesome .. so it’s samosa time! We always keep a stash of spring roll wrappers in the inside feeezer.. they are great.. defrost in no time and make crispy loveliness ..

The folding.. 

umm like this!

Using a bit of flour and water paste to seal them..

The foldy bit is pretty simple when you get it going.. and veggies, fruits or whatever you fancy goes into the cones.. ok so these aren’t fancy pants samosas.. yet believe me they are fab !!!

Fried off in Mrs Middletons oil in the trusty uncle bens wok.. 

That Uncle Bens wok has lasted us so well ( better not have jinxed that now oops!).. it was a freebie with two jars of sauce for the year 2000! What a freebie .. I really just get ahold of uncle bens and let them know just how well it has lasted.. 

so what’s the money shot?

There you go! 

So quick so simple.. samosas.. who doesn’t dig a samosa ! 

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