Sausage rolls Mr Fitz style! And Mrs Fitz steak and salad

‎Saw my pal Jack in the pub today, he had a good festive time with his family.. so that’s nice.. Jack has left over lamb.. so shepherds pie for him.. best thing to use up roast lamb for shep pie.. it has an extra depth of flavour.. x

Anyhoo.. this ain’t about Lamb.. it‎s about our supper!

Sausage rolls for me.. Mr Fitz sausages.. released from the vac pac.. and skinned and tumbled into pre-rolled puff pastry.. one side egg washed.. folded.. brushed with more wash and chopped.. into the oven at 180.. till risen and golden.. thanks Mrs Fitz for helping out.. these were stunners!! Served with a good dollop of stokes red sauce.. perfect supper..

For Mrs Fitz.. some rump steak.. simply heated the griddle pan.. 5 mins one side.. 3 the other.. served on a bed of rocket, spinach and watercress.. with fresh garlic croutons.. she loved it..

There you go.. simple supper.. simply delicious x

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