Chicken pakora & chicken karson saag

Still on a use policy for the freezers..

Yesterday’s find was Tupac’s of marinated chicken one thigh one breast chunks, the breast chunks marinated in Indian tikka spices the thigh in Indian masala spices..

Hmmmm thinks Mr Fitz what to make?? Had that had left over batter from those beautiful eggplant/aubergine fritters so loosened it up with a bit more water added some more gram flour some red chilli and a little masala mixed spice, batter done so simply chopping the breast that had been already marinated … into the batter into shallow oil and fry until golden brown.., served with a chopped salad very finely chopped carrots white cabbage red cabbage onion Romano red pepper, with a splash of creamy ranch dressing.. Lunch was served x

For supper i made also the quickest easiest chicken curried style dish possible I think in the world!!!

simply taking the marinated chicken thigh cut a little smaller browned in oil until almost got through.. add one can of Sarson Kaag not 100% sure what this is for certain, I think it’s a mixture of spinach and fenugreek/mustard leaves with onion and spice.. Yeah that’s gotta be it!!

Simply reheated and served with Persian bread the last if the lavash.. Ok doesn’t look the greatest yet blow me down with a samosa .. It taste divine!!








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  1. Was intrigued by the name of your post? Looks like you used ‘sarson da saag’ which is a mix of different greens like turnip green, collard green , mustard greens cooked in a flavorful sauce. Adding chicken to it was a good idea! 🙂


  2. I’ve not even had breakfast yet and I want that chicken saag to eat right now. Yummy


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