Lobster lunch & spicy sausages

What to make Mrs Fitz for lunch??? Hmmm … well it’s a miserable day here cold wet grey and will the proper winter ever arrive?? Jeez Lou-eeeze!!

Needed to go to the store anyway so went to the store, had a flat tyre and had to get that fixed too!! Aha! in the store they had lobster already dressed and reduced bingo!!! Mrs Fitzslunch sorted..

An extra bargain of reduced fennel tops and sweet salad leaves from Steve’s leaves .. perfect! so simply take the lobster already dressed out of packet place on plate empty bag of salad leaves and some sweet fire chilli dressed best root, Italian dressing, home made mrs Middletons pimped garlic croutons.. lunch done x

Off it my butchers, whilst in that part of town.. Dave the butcher was kind enough to mince up my pork trim as the mincer is still playing up .. Got the new part sent out.. Didn’t work!! Pants!

Have mixed this mix with smoke and sweetie sausage seasoning, if course Mr Fitz’s secret blend!! some paprika , creole seasoning and that’s it! Oh and some water of course to put the bang in the banger!!

Stuffed into presoaked hog casings made sausage.. look pretty huh??





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