It’s a new one on me! Dry style simple aloo gobi recipe

sinple dry style aloo gobi?


Yes indeedypops a new one on me too.. and really rather wonderful! 

And let’s be honest.. Who doesn’t dig aloo gobi right? 

I stumbled across this idea when browsing about just pondering things.. I think I was looking for Indian bread recipes/techniques when this popped up.. I would love to be able to give them credit.. yet I just read it, thought “hmm interesting that” .. and wandered off.. 

So how does this play out? 

Ok.. Get a pen and paper or a cut and paste handy .. 

Peel and chop potatoes into manageable pieces, sauté them off on a lowish flame for a whole turning them as they will stick and like me you will start to wonder why you bothered with this and that you are going to ruin the bottom of your heavy pan.. It’s cool! You won’t ruin the bottom of your heavy pan.. 

When a little softy then add the cauliflower florets .. Blanched if you are getting the fresh ones and are worried about insects living in them! It like me a good store bought one where whatever they do to them there is I real chance of anything being inside! 

Add the cauliflower bits.. I like to also add some of the chopped outer leave too…

Then add chilli powder, to your liking, a good heaped teaspoon of turmeric and done salt.. Tumble it all about then pop the lid on.. If you didn’t blanch the cauliflower then s little water.. Like real little water should be added to make the steam.. 

18 to 20 minutes later (with a couple of tumbles of the veggies) and you have the most simple yet amazing dish with that lack of squishiness you get sometimes from sooty boiled up cauliflower.. 

A good sprinkle of garam masala at the end just seals the flavour deal.. 

Here you go.. A bunch of pics hopefully showing you just how easy this is! 


Served up with some fresh made rotis.. 

 And with the leftover chicken curry

And also the leftover


A stonkin supper! That dry style aloo gobi is our latest lovely thing!  


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