Moroccan hogget curry type thingy with zatar breads … Really rather tasty! 

As the weather is not so great.. Well it’s very sunny yet my oh my is it cold! ( the heating gets sneakily popped back on when Mrs Fitz doesn’t notice.. )..

That means a stew type affair..

Going Moroccan esque..

first the hogget .. Great chips chopped up..

Then added into the pan with chunks of carrots , banana shallots, celery ..French garlic and smuggled essourian spices..

Water added.. Cooked lid on to boil to a lovely thing.. 

After a little while adding a can of butter beans for extra body of carbness..

Here’s a bunch of photos showing it all! ( it took a while to reduce & thicken).. Some potato starch helped the process.. Shhhhh 😉


The breads are easy peasey…

Same weight of all purpose flour to Greek yoghurt.. Left a little while.. No proving required .. And sprinkled with zatar.. Zatar is that wonderful sesame seeded herby stuff that is fantastic! You need it in your life! A whizzle whoozle of olive oil and into a hot oven.. 

Again it’s far easier to lump the photies together!

The breads drizzled with extra thick aged balsamic it’s well worth the money … Seems expensive at the time yet do get some when you are feeling a little flush! You won’t regret it!

So.. Here it is.. A delicious slightly spiced warming ‘stew’.. 


In the words of my Scottish blogger pal.. Would I make it again? 

Oh yes indeedy doodle doo! 

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  1. It’s a new one on me! Dry style simple aloo gobi recipe – Cooking with Mr Fitz

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