Chapli kebabs… (Think spicy little burgers)

bit of a new one on us these ‘chapli’ kebabs.. I think I remember eating something similar somewhere once.. I really am not sure!

First off I really do thing they need cooking over coals.. and with more fat added to get those liquid gold drips that smoke and sizzle.. creating those knarly crunchy bits.. giving way to the succulent juicy inner.. 

Next time maybe..

These were still cool though..

The meat (cow meat, probably not that traditional).. mixed with a kind of slurry of the chapli mix from the Shan family , diced red onion.. And water.. Then the meat mushed into into it.. 

Formed into little patties.. And shallow fried off..

A yoghurt number with Greek yoghurt and Harissa herb mix.. And a good splosh of linghams chilli and garlic sauce..


With just a simple salad and some Danish white sliced bread and butter.. 

 Must clean the camera on the iPhone .. Could have taken a better shot I suppose yet the food just got eaten..
Next time it has to be over coals with added fat for sure.. 🎯👐


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