Circle ya wagons! (the Injuns are cooking!)

‎Mrs Fitz is back.. and the sun is shining.. this makes Mr Fitz a happy boy.. x

Asked Mrs Fitz what she wanted for lunch.. Injun food she replied.. she’s been working hard in Eire.. she crashed out on the couch right now..

So I cooking.. happy as in our kitchen.. x

Gone for Kashmiri Chicken Sagg, with saag and methi..

Mrs Fitz loves beefs so have made up a Beef Madras.. (not hot though) with green beans also..

And also grabbed up some spuds from the bath.. just a handful.. they still need growing.. and considering all the rain we have had they seem like they could do with a watering also!

All the food made in the same ‘starter 4 ten’.. fried onions in ghee, white onion for the beef, red onion for the chicken.. shallots for the potato, spinach, watercress and rocket dish..‎ then the spices sizzled.. some tomato and water.. oh and of course fried garlic and ginger also! X

Looking forward to eating this selection.. like BIG time..

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