Indian food

Injuns under pressure..

‎Mrs Fitz wants injun food today for supper.. So let’s make it! Gonna try the pressure cooker method.. loads of googlin didn’t bring up much help.. loads of mentions… no timings.. get creative Mr Fitz get creative! Timings unknown.. have… Read More ›

Indian take two..

‎Had the injun food again for tea.. and it was even better! This time also had some rice.. fried some onion.. with some masala, added some peas and a ready to rock rice.. fried quick.. a perfect addition.. fresh breads… Read More ›

Injun food..

‎As a direct by-product of colonialism.. cooking Injun food should be pretty straight forward for me! Well it never has been for some reason.. and never have been a fan of eating it anywhere apart from with Mama! Guess that… Read More ›

Lamb Biryani ??

Mrs Fitz still sick.. That cough is now grating.. Me? YUP! Her? Probably worse.. Mr Wentworth? Is cool, he has made a few mistakes today yet heck.. Still a puppy? X Gone for a lamb, ricey dish that never stops… Read More ›