Injuns under pressure..

‎Mrs Fitz wants injun food today for supper..

So let’s make it!

Gonna try the pressure cooker method.. loads of googlin didn’t bring up much help.. loads of mentions… no timings.. get creative Mr Fitz get creative!

Timings unknown.. have gone for an Aloo gobi.. and a chicken summat..

Fried onions, garlic an ginger paste.. all in Mrs Middleton’s oil..added turmeric, garam masala, salt and hot paprika.. and a can of chopped tom’s.. the same again of water.. dried fenugreek.. and some amchoor powder..

Cut up cauliflower including outer leaves.. peeled baby spuds.. (is too wet to pull up some of my own.. ).. placed in pressure cooker.. dial number one.. up to pressure then 15 mins.. probably 5 mins too many.. freakin amazing this pressure cooking!

Yet cool.. it looks good.. tastes fine.. albeit a little tender.. like proper tender! X

For the chicken? Chopped up marinated piri piri thighs.. browned off in Mrs Middleton’s oil.. then chopped white and red onions.. garlic and ginger paste.. amchoor and veeraswamy paste..

Fenugreek leaves of course.. added water to make the gravy.. ‎into the no clean pressure cooker.. dial number 2.. 15 mins once up to pressure.. (up to pressure? Like when it ‘seals’ itself and starts hissin) x

Had to thicken with a little potato thickener‎.. yet looks and tastes cool.. thrown in small french beans.. the remainin heat will warm them through and leave a bite to ’em..

So pressure cooker injun? Yeah is cool.. takes away most of the fun of watching stirring and waiting.. and for sure the taste ain’t as strong.. yet hey! It’s real quick.. like you could knock up a great ‘take-out’ in less time in would take to find the number of your local.. call em and wait for delivery! X

Mrs Fitz making the dough for rotis.. she good at that.. Kneads it for a full 15 toll smooth.. it’s resting now as are we.. gonna eat later.. x‎ with the Natco poppadoms and mango chutney of course! X

Should you get a pressure cooker? Yeah you should..

And a lovely serrano ham bone for Mr Wentorth..

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  1. What happened to the photos? Aloo Gobi in the pressure cooker should take no more than 8min. Once cooked you can leave it to soak up the flavours for as long as you want! Reheat when you want to eat.

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