Jack Taylor’s lamb chops

‎Ok.. so not quite the Reform club chops that Father Fitz used to take me too.. I still recall that first time I went in there.. it amazed me.. people sleeping with papers over their heads.. an amazing reception from the ‘bat’.. incredible.. and I sat in the chair where the bet was made for around the world in how many days? X

Wow.. lucky kid huh?

I still can taste those Reform Club lamb chops.. amazing.. a crust a salty yet sweet and giving thing.. and a chap serving us that smiled and was so so happy (it seemed) in sharing the joy of a kids face of wonderment.. frickin beautiful baby..

Will tell ya about going to the Chelsea arts club for the first time another day.. ‎yet THAT was a something huh? Father Fitz.. you truly are a great pa.. x (and that’s before we mention the River Cafe and ya pals! ) x

Any hoo.. here is Jack’s Lamb chops.. so so so happy he seems to have got some of his taste back.. nice one Jack x.. BE NICE! Hahahah x

What to cook for Christine when she comes back from the MK Dons? I remember she loved this dish the last time I made it. The sauce is to die for!! A definite winner, just like the Dons!!!

So here it is. Defrosted some nice thick loin chops. Laid them on top of coarsely chopped onion on a shallow baking tray.

Seasoned with salt and pepper and put in the top shelf of my 200deg preheated oven for 35min. Removed from oven and left to rest for about 10 or 15 mins.

In the meantime I made the sauce by sautéing finely chopped onion in butter for 5 min. Then I added some very finely chopped rosemary, thyme and mint and continued to cook for another 15 mins until the onion is soft.

At this point I added some flour stirring constantly until well mixed and cooked out. Away from heat I added some milk and stock bit by bit. Then using a whisk and back on heat beat until smooth, silky and thick enough. Removed from heat and liquidised half and returned to pan with some cream. Mix well and season.

Serve with HG boiled potatoes and HG boiled carrots. Pour sauce over the chops.
The best!!!!

(well not quite the Reform club.. ahem x)


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