Porchetta & Leghorn egg breakfast

Haven’t made any bacon for a couple weeks.. haven’t managed to find a decent piece of pork at the right price.. and to be fair.. we do ‘own’ a heap of food stuffs..

Freezer declared a snack pack of porchetta.. the remains of the piece I bought a while back.. am sure there are more slices left! Must do an audit!!

Perhaps while the roast beef cooks for Sunday lunch? More on that later x

Porchetta is a wonderful alternative to bacon.. often just that little bit nicer! Ok so I wish it was the whole suckling pig, stuffed with wild herbs and slowly turned into one of the most delicious foods you can ever eat.. ‎preferably in mountains.. with local vino, breads and olives x

There is a great recipe in Spooning with Rosie.. which I have made and was a very good dish indeed.. not quite a supper.. more of a food interlude.. x

For brunch though today.. on a grey and drizzly day.. a long way from those mountains! Ah well..

So dry fried.. there is enough fat to come out and render.. and the addition of a white leghorn egg‎, placed on wholemeal rolls.. with of course a smudge of stokes ketchup..

A good brunch dish.. while I wistfully think of tromping through the mountains to that little taverna..

Oh and the addition of some white pepper on the egg whilst cooking.. my best pal Thomas taught me that years ago.. x


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