Mini tacos.. Poppadom ice creams..

Following on from the mini keema sliders .. That were indeed tremendous.. I just have to share with you the mini tacos..

Mini chilli tacos served with a guacamole ( not as rich as my homemade jobbie ) yet delicious..

Served on this great way of serving..

Limes with a wedge cut out and ‘stuck’ onto a board .. It looked far more impressive than the picture shows!!

Far more..

I enjoyed them very much!!

There was a star though in the making.. And the ‘making here was in this wondrous ice cream cone shaped popadom..

Served with sauces and fresh butter chicken.. This is a serious canapé !!

I had to ask the chef how it was made.. From what I could understand , and remember to be fair ! It worked by semi heating the popadom in the oven.. When soft quickly moulding it around a glass .. Then carrying on with the heating..

Then using the initial one as the mould for the next.. And working pretty darn quickly for sure!

I thought they were the business.. I remember watching an episode of Rick Stein years ago where he was in south india and had these amazing looking minced spiced pork folded popadoms.. I have thought for nearly a decade about how that was made..

Perhaps this is halfway there.. (Look out for many poppadom practicings coming up soon!)

The butter chicken was cooked live.. Weird really.. I suppose it was heated live to be more honest!!

Yet I just can’t get those popadoms outta my head.. Wonderous indeed..

Oh and I used the bathroom in Bernie Eccelstones villa on the Yas island F1 circuit.. Thanks Bernie..

Another “mini posting”..






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  1. You’re using Bernie’s bathroom now? Show off.


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