Home .. Sweet chuck home,.

Am home.. After my Arabian adventures worthy of a good novel..

Or at least some novel adventures!

Having hurtled around the F1 circuit.. Flown sea planes.. Narrowly missed camels in the sand dunes whilst shooting hard liquor in. 4X 4 ‘s, smoking shisha staring at the stars..

And of course being fed by some of the greatest chefs Abu Dhabi has to offer .. And hanging out with great pals new and old..

Am HOME!! Yay!( seriously that is a mah-who-sieve yay!)…

Now.. Those that know me well and some that don’t are very aware that’s return home meal if choice and favour is the shepherds / cottage pie..

You can travel the world and get home in whatever timezoneless zone you may be featuring in.. And feck ! It fixes ya..!


Because Mrs Fitz loads it like a blunderbuss with veggies galore!! And all secret like.. My pal Ramsay used to do the same to his kids and call it ‘green goblin gravy’ you get the idea right?

However change is good.. And hell yeah.. I am an agent of change.. An ambassador even!!

This time Mrs Fitz aproned up and hooked me up with a roast chicken supper .. With all the trimmings..

Roast chick.. Stuffed with extra garlic butter .. Roast spuds.. (Gorgeous ) .. Yorkshire pudding (store bought. ) , veggies, smashed carrot and swede.. And proper meat juices gravy..

It was pure unadulterated Valium .. I swear to you.. It knocked me for a full on seven..

Out like a light I was.. Just waking for the obligation of taking Cora Murley out for a wee at the wee hours! ( us that why they are called the wee/em> hours??

The supper was just what was required after a flight home that involved a dead body, a plane rage incident .. And an aborted landing..

Plus my cell phone provider seemingly deciding I had spent enough and not letting me make any calls not receive any emails.. Not even being able to call them to talk it over!! Mate that’s just not on.. In this day and age of ‘fair’ billing???

Anyhoo.. Park that .. (For now…)

Supper was lovely . Am home to rain, sun, hail, sleet and rain.. Plus two new tyres needed on the land rover ..

Next time can I get cottage pie please? X

Ta x







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