Two meat & bean chilli and chips with dips

Am currently in Monaco yet prior to going a simple supper was needed..

What better than a chilli with fresh chips? With nice dips?

The chilli was made by frying off red ticket rose veal mince with white spanish onion and Cajun spices..


Simply adding a red ticket carton of american inspired shredded beef and bean soup..


And into the slow cooker on low for a few hours whilst packing..

The dips were easy.. Sour cream, baba ghanoush , humous , red peppers and jalepenos .. Simple huh?


The chips were made cheaty .. Simply chopped tortilla wraps , (no time to make my own this time..).. Fried in Mrs Middletons oil in uncle bens wok .. Dusted with umami rush seasoning.. And drained on ikea brown paper of course!


Onto the table..


Into our tummys..


Yummy indeed!

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  1. What makes it “American inspired soup”? Just curious. Looks delish.


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