Crispy breast of lamb pancakes

Breast of lamb.. Should be a give away cut really! Yet having not had a chance to get to the fabulous earls barton butchers I had to get these two from another butcher.. I don’t reckon I will use him again though!

Yet what to do with such a cut? Rolled and stuffed is always a winner.. Yet going along the lines of Mongolian lamb is where I want to take this super tasty when done right flight of fancy..

Best way to speed this dish up is to pressure cook it with stock and veggies.. Not too aromatic .. More navarin stylee.. Herbs and carrots and onions.


Thirty minutes does the trick..


Letting it cool before slipping out the bones and cartilage.. Then cutting into strips and placing another pan on top to weight it all down..


Once cooled and the fat removed..

Cut into strips..


And fried off till proper crispy crackling delish shoosh noosh..



Served up with cucumber , spring opinion and hoisin ..


This really is just my kinda food.. A bit of a hassle and quite time consuming.. Yet turning a bit that great but if meat into something tremendous is always satisfying !



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4 replies

  1. Dude! I totaly am with you on breast of is a stunning piece of sheepy! I roll and stuff mine, cool them and fry off in butter…will probably kill me though!!

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  2. This looks fabulous, Mr. Fitz! I’ve never made anything quite like this! Sort of like mu shu pork?

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