Ox cheeks Mrs Fitz cooks

Mrs Fitz always ensures that there is something welcoming and hearty for when I return from my adventures..

This supper was no let down!

Ox cheeks , slo cooked for sixteen hours.. Yup sixteen in red wine a ridiculous amount of bay ( as she swears it doesn’t taste of anything!).. And other herbs. Again in fistfuls !! Plus carrots swede and onions..


Oops! Sorry the meat browned first..


Then just switched on and left.. Then turned off.. Then turned back on..

The kitchen smelt amazing when I opened the door.. And of course getting that lovely welcome from the hounds…


French fine beans in jersey butter..


And the lightest aerated buttery and peppery mash..


This is just the kinda food hug you need after travelling.. Plus of course the lovely hug from Mrs Fitz!

Plated up..


Wonder-full indeedo !!

Plus the drained sauce is amazing.. The heavy handed seasonings plus star anise ( about six or seven she said, ) and around nine bay leaves , plus cinnamon sticks.. Has created a seriously good sauce.. I am thinking ribs..

So I drained it.. The residual meat will be picked through for empanadas perhaps.. And the sauce saved in the deep freeze…


Some of those cheeks never made it in whole pieces due to that extra long cooking! Perfect for future eatings!

Thanks Mrs Fitz x can’t wait to go away again! Ahem..

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33 replies

  1. I love ox cheeks! They look amazing and super delicious 🙂

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  2. This looks amazing. That meat just looks so juicy and tender. Look forward to your future recipes! x

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  3. This looks like Mr Fitz food! Welcome home.

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  4. We can always count on you Mr. Fitz to bring something incredibly delicious. Love beef cheeks and thanks for bringing this wonderful dish to the party,

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  5. Oh my, what a great Mrs. Fitz you have there… This dish look AMAZING! You can tell that the meat must be super soft and delicious. Also, I love green beans and mashed potatoes. A perfect dinner. 🙂

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  6. Bravo Mrs. Fitz! You have a lot of patience to cook that up for 16 hours! Looks so delicious!

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  7. Wow, I am crazy about ox cheeks and pork cheeks and that plate there looks amazing!!

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  8. WHOA. Of all of the delicious & savory recipes at Fiesta Friday this week, my eyes darted right over to this… I should have known better than to visit this post at lunchtime, it looks WAY… WAYYYYY too delicious!! MMMM… this is my kinda meal Mr. Fitz, that’s all I have to say! Thank you for sharing!

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  9. What a wonderful welcome home from Mrs Fitz and the hounds! That looks just amazing – I bet you’e glad you are back!

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  10. Nice. And beef cheeks are really inexpensive, at least where I live! I just saw a baby bassett hound at the vet’s office and it must be the cutest puppy i’ve ever seen!


  11. Wonderful, Mrs. Fitz! I am framing that first picture of the pooch, it’s just killing me with affection, and it will remind me to make cheeks, as these look absolutely divine! Thanks for joining us this week at the party!

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  12. Oh that looks like a fab welcome home dinner!! Don’t you just love the welcome home you get from your dogs no matter how long you’ve been away!!

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  13. Those puppy dog eyes. Did they say “I can smell it, when can I eat it?”.

    Looks like you did well on your own. When I go away, my husband’s dinner consists of a jar of pickles or cereal. Sometimes both.

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  14. Such a nice welcome back! I have been wanting to buy ox cheeks at the butcher a few times, never quite knew how to cook them. This looks really good – perfect for a sunday at home, leaving it on the stove and checking it once in a while

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