Last lunch in Monte Carlo

Where do you take your last lunch before leaving Monte Carlo?

Here of course!



What a salad mon ami what a salad!


Just the freshest thing ever!

The tomatoes were just wonderful like seriously bird man wonderful..

And the eggs?


Unbelievable indeed! Yet it’s true… I ate it.. And loved it ..

For the main?

A T Bone..


I have been sans great meat.. Folks have been looking like steaks wandering about.. Just like the lion in Madagascar !


And dessert?

Sorry Mrs Fitz.. ( it’s her fave!)…


Freaking amazing !! Like really freaking amazing…

It was a cool end to a worrying taste full journey..

Check me out I the DS once more.. Look out for it in the new brad movie coming soon.. We both have had our bums sat on the seat.. Mine much cuter of course !


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4 replies

  1. I see yolk porn, meat porn, custard porn and car porn here. Livin’ the life Mr. Fitz!!!!!!!! You are seriously styling with this post and thanks for sharing even though I have to admit to a certain envy! Safe travels home sir!

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  2. Now thats an incredible meal!! Car too, just beautiful.

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