Hotel Matea Inn somewhere in the state of Mexico!

I have to admit to not being one hundred percent sure of actually where I am right now..

It’s not the tequila as am kinda off the pop for now. More that it’s been a long day..

First a meeting with the minister of tourism for the state of Mexico.. Nice lady.. That diplomatic top gear incident doesn’t seem to have phased her about the British .. Lucky that!


Meeting over.. Off to lunch..

In this quite bizzare complex that I am also staying in a very chi chi type of room!

This is my hotel room for the night..


Pretty cool huh?

Lunch was cool too!

First kebabs.. Meat on a stick meets Mr Fitz.. Well where could you go wrong?


With a glass of pink bubbles .. Just the one mind.. Very nice..

Then amazing guacamole.. I had to eat around the cheese.. Man they eat a lot of cheese out here! And some delicious rare roast beef with burnt onions..


And to finish an Italian icecream from what I am told is the only place in the whole of mexico where they have real Italian ice cream??? Well it was very nice!


And finally a concert in a cave just to round the day off ..


And then a visit to the local municipal palacio.. Ahem…


Looking forward to dinner .. I have a feeling that the chef is going to be amazing… (Alas it’s not me…)..

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  1. Meat on a stick is my kind of party. Still jealous over here…

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  2. The concert in the cave sounds like it would be fun! I hope you’re enjoying your trip as much as I am just reading about it…



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