Ixtapan breakfast


Here I am in ixtapan .. 2800 metres above sea level .. Ok that’s Toluca .. Yet I am not that far away.. It is great to finally get fresh air although it hurts your head.. Do I get to chew coca leaves now? ..

This is also where the show top gear caused a mexican diplomatic incident… Thanks chaps.. I am the only British representative here and I have a meeting with the minister for tourism later.. Will let you know how it pans out!

Breakfast is great here though!

Check this out.. Made with tomatillo , garlic, onion, chilli and a great herb called epazote .. With fresh corn tortillas..



And the peach yoghurt made fresh with granola?



And lastly here’s my breads being made!

I like it here…



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  1. There’s nothing like putting a true Mexican fiesta in Fiesta Friday, Mr Fitz! Your breakfast looks quite delicious. Hope you enjoy the rest of trip. 🙂


  2. Welcome to FF Mr. Fitz, I see you’re tanning in Mexico whilst the rest of the world is freezing :). That breakfast sure looks yummy! Enjoy your time 🙂


  3. You know, I’m real happy for you and all . . . being in Mexico . . . but sure could have used your help this morning, we sold out of pork pies in less than an hour and I have orders for next week. I figured out my hourly rate is something like $0.16 per hour making those darn pies, but it’s a labor of pure love . . . so much fun!!! Happy travels and stay safe!


  4. Wow what a breakfast you must be stuffed


  5. That’s a nice tortilla press! I’d pack one up to take home…


  6. Glad you happy there.
    And they will be happy you are there too:))



  1. Chicken Green Tomato Jalfrezi| Fiesta Friday #41 | The Novice Gardener

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