It’s not the leaving of Mexico City that grieves me..

Moving in out of the city..

By bye Mexico City for now.. Looking forward to getting some fresh air! My nozzle feels like it’s done a whole box of ‘wolf of wall street’ donuts!!

So for the last breakfast I went to what is thought of as the best breakfast in the city.. (Am told…)..

A short walk from my hotel to this place was just the way to start the morning .. It really was.. and it opens at 8am.. There was already a short line when I got there for 7:45!

Oh and also had to pass through a customs style scanner to get to stand in the line.. Welcome to downtown Mexico City I guess!!

The place was already filling up with ‘suits’.. Yet I was about eight people from the front.. Cool!

The door opened and I was seated fast..

Am told this cook is highly regarded for keeping it real and traditional. Ok.. That’s got my interest up.. It doesn’t open for dinner just a breakfast and brunch.. Wish I had come for brunch.. There was a good reading lamb dish on the menu.. Hmm yeah the menu..

When it is also written in American English I know two things..

First.. It ain’t gonna be the super authentic that I am pining for.. There are so many street side stalls that the driver takes us past that I it’s wish we could stop at.. Ahhh well.. Feck it ..

Second .. I better double check my wallet…

Ok.. Let’s eat..

First the hot chocolate .. Very nice.. Twizzled with a spoon thingy to froth and mix it up.. No longer will I view hot chocolate as a nighttime affair!

The menu read well , I didn’t have much time on my side so quickness was needed in the choice .. The place was also getting pretty busy indeedo !

Went for a pastry first.. Cheeky really as it was offered like a bread basket.. So you think it’s free.. Humph! There goes the same price as two packs of cigarettes and a Pepsi..

The dish decided upon is a beef with scrambled eggs in a red watery sauce thing .. served with corn tortillas.. I heard people decree that “they make them fresh here font you know”.. Bleeding right they should!! Sheesh already!

I have to admit it was rather good.. Then came some free bread.. Yet the ‘ butter’ which was like a curdled type of clotted cream where you scooped up the whey bits ( is that right?).. Umm there was a charge for that though..

Bang goes that next Pepsi ..

It was ok.. Interesting.. In the words of my blogger pal Jaquie .. Would I have it again?


Probably not.. Sorry .. ACTUALLY NO! am not sorry.. Humph ..

lunch at work was better.. a spicy beef dish with rice.. A piece of fried fish .. Yup fish.. And alfalfa.. I really have re-found my liking of it since being here..


On the drive into the next district we stopped for a pee break.. There was this wonderful looking pot with pieces of sausage and porky wonderful ness bubbling away in pork lard I was informed..


No time to stop days the driver and also the ministry host we have with us..



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