Hermitage Monaco Mr Fitz goes vegetarian!!

First off..

I am actually not peeing.. Its a fountain at the Rothchild estate… Read the sign next to me.. I thought it was a funny shot.. Apologies if you don’t.. (It was one of those days..).. Read the sign again..

Ahem.. Okey doodle doo.. Let’s hit the play button on this wonderful taste-full expee-ree-ance.. ( ahem cough cough..)..

It’s not often you get invited to prive dine at a Michelin number.. Yet where better to do so than at the hermitage in Monte Carlo ?

I drink wine.. Normally when outta beer.. Yet when some one pairs it with exquisite food then I really understand the difference..

This was one of those moments for sure..

First off the building is simply incredible .. It’s stunning ..

It didn’t feel right to take pics ( even in the phone ) whilst getting a Very special private tour..

So let’s get into the food.. ( and of course for Mr Fitz they twisted it up sans creepy crawleys and cheese.. )..in fact mind was nothing like this menu at all..


Most people complain at how small this kinda cuisine can be.. I agree have been left hungry often.. Foam just don’t do it! ( me and Mrs Fitz once had a nine courser then was left looking for a late nite take out!).. We woke up hungry ..

Yet when done right and I mean perfectly right.. Yet tincy wincy .. WOWEE sister! WOWEE!

This veg.. It’s just veg..


Ooh lah Lahhh laddee jeezus.. Wonderful..

And the next ..

Extra black truffle with this black truffle smash up thingy? .. I coulda cried..



Two pics there as I just had too..

And finishing off probably one of the best crunchy things I ever ate…


Seriously with the wine they paired it with.. Feck..

That truffle smash up dressing thing just took it off the chain and off the clock!


Oh yeah then we had a chicken thing..

Pushed it around the plate to be fair..


When you have just ‘main lined ‘ quality truffle like that.. It’s hard to light the pipe again..

The dessert was ok.. Actually being lost in truffle world meant again it was probably amazing..


I tooka green tea post desert to gently place me back on planet earth..

When great food and great product meets great wines and ambience .. Not stuffyness at all..

It had moves like jagger….

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18 replies

  1. Jagger probably dined there too! Lucky you!!!

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  2. feck!! Why can’t I see the Fountain Shot?? I want to see it now! hahaha!!
    Those dishes look AMAZING!! Wish I could lick the screen! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Delicious, all of it really but especially that last photo of the dessert.Thanks for bringing.

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  4. You have so many GREAT food shots and you had to link that one? It’s not even in the post! I can’t read the sign, what does it say?


  5. This one killed me . . . Feck! I really needed this post today . . . thanks for the laughter and omg the feckn food! But please tell me you had a bag of crisps or something to actually get you over til the next day . . . that ain’t a lot of food!

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  6. Hahaha great fountain shot!!! 😉👍

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