Valentine’s pie

Valentine’s Day.. Think of it what you will.. It’s a nice time to have a treat though.. And pie is always a treat!

So after a long walk in the woods with the hounds..



A trip to the butchers nearby.. To pick up some ingredients for a pie.. After those delicious OX cheeks the other day it was deemed that the pie would be made with some more of them.. Perhaps it should have been with hearts instead.. Yet cannot do offal!

So ox cheeks, onions, carrots and mushrooms into the pressure cooker..


A bottle of ale and some veal jus..


Pressure locked in and cooked for thirty minutes.. ( possibly just a little too long!)..

Super soft and tasty though!


A very delicious pastry whooped up in the processor.. Beef dripping, butter and Italian flour.. Just a smidge of ice water to bring it together..



That recipe for the pastry is so easy yet so so so ‘short’ and tasty!

600 grams flour, 200 beef dripping, 100 butter.. Yummy!

The pie assembled.. No blind baking needed..


Hearts cut out and egg washed ..


Served with canned French petit pois ( I love them!..) and redticket double baked spuds..


A lovely valentines pie .. Just lovely


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  1. I love that you made hearts around your pie. I am into Valentine’s Day and creating fun ideas for the holiday. Love your dogs – bassets are a favorite in my family 🙂

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  2. Your pups are darlings and it looks like a lovely day! The pie was probably incidental after all that traipse through the woods, but so cute with the little hearts! 🙂

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  3. That has love written all over it Mr Fitz…you dawg!!

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