Roast top rump for lunch

Roast beef .. Mrs Fitz’ s fave.. So who am I to say no?..

The beef was a red ticket piece of top rump.. About 815grms.. So that’s more than enough for two persons and also means quick cooking..

First though rubbed in flour mixed with beef stock cubes.. If it’s good enough for MPW? Then count me in..


The oven onto 245 real money degrees.. Local potatoes par boiled and tossed in Mrs Middletons plain oil.. Garden Rosemary and French garlic added to the pan..


Into that hot oven with the beef straight on the bars above the spudulas.. That’s drippy goodness just there..


After twenty minutes the oven turned down to 160 for a further 30 minutes.. (Probably ten too long..).. This made the meat cooked through .. No lovely cherry redness.. Still delicious though..

The flesh wrapped in foil and a tea towel to keep warm and rest..

Veg of carrots and swede mashed up.. Savoy cabbage, flower sprouts and red Brussel sprouts.. We both are in desperate need of a veg hit..


Gravy from the valentines pie.. With the added meat juices .. And Yorkshire puddings from auntie Bessie.. Ahem..


Ooh gotta have a shot of those delicious roasties.. Here we go…


And Bakewell tart and a small glass of rose for dessert..


And a real tired set of hounds..



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7 replies

  1. Oh those potatoes look amazing, what a good idea cooking the beef over them like that!


  2. I read that as romp! Looks like the doggies had a romp they look exhausted lol

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