Things to do with brisket.. Lunch and pasties.. 

Ok.. Sure there are lots of cool things to do with a piece of brisket.. Salt beef probably being the best thing ever for brisket.. 

Yet it does also make a great addition to a Sunday lunch.. And provides with fantastic leftovers to play with. And we all know that you really should be encouraged to play with your food right! 

Brisket asks to be cooked lo-an -slo.. Ages .. 

Therefore wrapped up tight and into the oven or even more frugaler ( yes that is indeed a real word).. In he slow cooker on low.. 

Covered in white pepper and turkish pepper .. 

Not even any liquid .. Not for the first four hours.. Then a little water.. And some mustard and horseradish .. 

Another spin out on low for another four hours or so.. And you get this great gravy.. 


It’s veg time again at the church.. This is this weeks.. 

 Pretty cool huh? 

This not so petit pan is interesting am thinking some kinda squash curry? 


Back to lunch though.. Of course roast potatoes.. Cooked with Mrs Middletons straight up oil.. 

 Loads of chard, spinach and a root veg mash of potato, carrots and parsnips.. 


That gravy boiled up to reduce .  

 And there we go.. 

Sunday lunch.. 


The meat so tender.. 

And the leftovers? Well there is of course lots of brisket left..  And there were plenty of veggies left from lunch.. (Done on porpoise to make sure another tasty creation could be born).. 

Pasties.. Not Cornish.. A little rough.. A pastry made first by using 450 grams of plain flour, 125 of fat( a mix of butter and duck fat )., (butter is fine though.. Probably better).. 2 teaspoons of baking powder .. 125 of cold water.. A pinch of salt, and two egg yolks.. 


All whizzed up into a dough.. 

 Amazes me every time that does! 

Wrapped in cling film and left in the fridge for an hour for some scientific reason ..

Into balls.. 


Rolled out.. 

Mushed up filling that had a little bit of pimping.. Pimping with extra herbs.. 


Folded over..  Brushed with beaten egg.. 


A little zatar sprinkled on the top.. Baked till done.. About 35 minutes.. The filling is already cooked remember.. 

 Served up with baked beans and tommy k.. But of course!


And still more brisket left.. 👏👐 


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6 replies

  1. I loved that you showed how to whiz up the pastry. These came out great!

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  2. Making pasties from leftover brisket – pretty smart. They look delicious, especially with the za’atar.

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  3. Did someone say pasties? Oh my, they look scrumptious 🙂

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