Laab Thailand eatings .. British rose veal

We don’t often have thai food, firstly because there isn’t really any good Thai restaurants round our way.. And also I’m must admit to not knowing that much more than lots of soupy noodles and seafoods.. Plus of course a curry of either red or green.. Yellow perhaps too..

What we do have though is a great Asian warehouse that sticks all kinds of things from all over Asia .. That’s where I saw this.. Laab.. It reminded me of the meaty filling for lettuce cups.. And they are cool!

I was also reminded of a recipe I saw for ‘ants on a string’ a spaghetti/noodle dish that looked pretty cool..

So let’s play Thai!

We have some great rose veal at the moment.. People have some funny thoughts about veal.. This veal I am told is actually a by-product of the dairy industry .. So it treated more humanely ( not crated etc).. And isn’t just wasted from birth.. That’s gotta help somehow right?

Ok let’s not get I to the whole debate right now .. Let’s cook Thai !

The veal is cooked down with a quarter cup of water.. This helps real if up really fast and pretty fine, it’s a good ‘trick’ to help with any ground meats.. The water pretty much evaporates and the meat is cooked,veal does not take long at all..

The Laab packet seems to be mainly chiili! Fish sauce to season.. And I used up a few Chinese lettuce leaves. It smells amazing! Like proper exotic! Tastes cool too!

Also adding some more Thai flavours ala freezer packet of waitrose herbs.. It has given it an extra freshness .. And some beef dripping for pasta stickability.. Ahem..

The linguine simply boiled for ten then into the Laab mixture.. Poshed up on a carving fork..

Into the bowl with some sweet soy metjap to assist in flavour town..

I must say we all agreed that this was a mighty fine dish!

In the words if a scots girl I know. Would I make it again?

Yup definitely !









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