Falafalel for lunch!

We like falafel.. Not too much yet it makes for great eating.. I love Moaz in Amsterdam the best ‘healthy’ fast food.. Great chain! Try it..

This one is the very good packet .. Very good.. Just mix with water.. Leave to stand.. Fry in corn oil .. Very quick.. Very cool!

A packet salad with Arabic salad seasoning .. Fresh Isle of Man tomatoes .. Garden chives.. And I must say the best organic little onions .. So sweet and delicious!

A sauce made from tahini , rose harrisa, lemon juice , pepper and salt, loosened with water.. Great !

Plus using up some Mediterranean salsa that needs eating ..

And with .. I am sorry here.. Store bought pitta.. Just didn’t have the time ..

Pomegranate molasses .. You gotta love that ..

A great lunch.. Fresh.. Tasty.. And dare I say it?






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7 replies

  1. So proud of you my meat eating friend.

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  2. That’s anytime food right there!! 🙂


  3. Oh. My. GOD. Mr Fitz has posted a vegan recipe. I may never recover…(er, where is the box mix from? And I love pom mol – use it in salad dressings a lot.)


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