‘Posh’ curry and chips

Curry and chips.. Brilliant..

A fantastic invention.. Not just for the late night revellers.. Or teenage kids hanging out.. Or those in Northern English towns.. Big in eire too!

This is not quite the styrofoam cup of yellow gloopiness.. Poured over spanking hot salty and vinegary chips..

This is a pimped version perhaps..

Roasted chicken thighs .. With Japanese curry sauce.. Mixed peppers and onion and petit pois.. All boiled up..

The chips are cooked four ways .. Four ways? Why? Because I can..

First the potatoes.. They are fresh from my pal Jacks garden .. King Edwards ..

Cut with the crinkle cut chipper

Boiled, cooled, baked, cooled , fried, kinda cooled , and fried again.. Drained on ikea paper.. Ahem..

Dressed with Japanese umboshi vinegar, it has all the salt and vinegar flavours with a little sour note..


Posh curry and chips..

Lovely.. IMG_6727.JPG







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40 replies

  1. I do love me some curry and chips and I’m a southerner! I definitely love your “posh” version, fit for the queen herself haha


  2. Oh yum, that sounds posh and so, so good!!


  3. Curry and chips is so English. I’ve never really had it anywhere else, but why not make it myself. I like your formula for the chips : boil, bake, fry, fry with a cool in between each. I haven’t quite used this method – something close, but will give this a try. Have you ever tried them in duck fat? Anyway, a winning combination and beautiful greens growing too.


  4. This looks so good! A perfect dish anytime!


  5. Ha ha, love it! Curry and chips, a British standard now me thinks? 🙂


  6. I had no idea you had this great gardening thing going on, you seem to grow a lot from the plastic pouchs? ps curry and chips is great used to have it down on the kings road, the chelsea kitchens hehe


  7. Just read about Japanese curry on Fae’s Twist and Tango, before that never knew there was such a thing, Curry and chips, a lovely combination it looks delicious.


  8. Whoa, ume plum seasoning! Love it, and those potatoes again! Curry and chips, fantastic to have thought of that, and thanks for bringing to the party!


  9. So good and I like your little garden 🙂


  10. Holy shit. I need that and possibly six or seven more beers! 🙂



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