Baked spuds, miso butter , maple bacon, sour cream & herbs

I just had to write that title out that long..


Because I have to say that this supper was one of my favourite foods I think I have had the the pleasure in enjoying eating in a good while.. And I think you would agree that we eat pretty darn well!

It’s a simple thing the baked potato..

Yet when spritzed and sprinkled with Cornish sea salt , and baked in a medium hot oven till crisp on the outside and cloud like on the inner it’s a joy.. Not Mickey waved , chef ping has no role to play here ..


These are my favourite and what ultimately makes the humble spud great..

Miso butter..

Couldn’t find where I have put he miso paste.. The nice white one.. So used and itsu miso soup base instead.. Whooped into unsalted French butter.. it’s a winner!!!

Sour cream with dill and chives..

Sourcream mixed with fresh chopped dill and chives.. A scraping of black pepper and that’s it..

Streaky bacon.. Cooked till not quite super crisp.. It’s a nice thick oak smoked one .. smothered in maple syrup. .. Yeah oh yeah..

All into the spud.. Miso butter first it’s great.. Cooling Sourcream just firming up a little with the heat of the spud..

Bacon crowning the top..


Seriously .. Beautiful..







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  1. Reblogged this on Cooking with Mr Fitz and commented:

    this one really was rather fabulous!


  2. Holy Sweet Baby Jemima – thanks Sue!!! Almost as brilliant as your miso butter and these spuds. I like how you’ve skewered them. Do you fry or bake the bacon? They are beautifully flat…


  3. These are the most original baked potatoes I have ever heard of. I must try the miso butter!


  4. i drool…….looking at those crispy baked potatoes !!


  5. Oh my, now that’s what I call a fully loaded baked potatoes made with love, yum! Thanks for sharing X


  6. Holy Sweet baby Jemima . . . . this is genius. I have to make it right away. I’ve seen miso butter and made it with roast chicken to our utter delight . . . . . you’ve really created the perfect potato dish here!


  7. Those are some tasty spuds, love the idea of miso butter! You think of the most interesting and delicious combinations.


  8. Haha. You never fail to impress me 🙂



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