Baked spuds, miso butter , maple bacon, sour cream & herbs

this one really was rather fabulous!

Cooking with Mr Fitz

I just had to write that title out that long..


Because I have to say that this supper was one of my favourite foods I think I have had the the pleasure in enjoying eating in a good while.. And I think you would agree that we eat pretty darn well!

It’s a simple thing the baked potato..

Yet when spritzed and sprinkled with Cornish sea salt , and baked in a medium hot oven till crisp on the outside and cloud like on the inner it’s a joy.. Not Mickey waved , chef ping has no role to play here ..


These are my favourite and what ultimately makes the humble spud great..

Miso butter..

Couldn’t find where I have put he miso paste.. The nice white one.. So used and itsu miso soup base instead.. Whooped into unsalted French butter.. it’s a winner!!!

Sour cream with…

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