Toasted ham and cheese & cauliflower fritters

Inspired by the movie ‘chef’ I decided that Mrs Fitz’s lunch would be a toasted ham and cheese.. not quite ‘Toasted’ done instead on my version of a plancha.. The iron pan..

Maybe she will get the Cubano soon..

Toastie cheese .. ( you can see the brand).. Plus square ham.. Anything ‘posher’ wouldn’t suit this!

Sliced white bread.. The cheese on both sides .. The ham on one so it ends up in the middle.. Ahem..

Buttered with unsalted French ..

Placed gently onto the iron pan.. Just moving it about slightly to make sure it crisps without sticking.. Buttered the ‘clean ‘ side .. And flip flopped.. Again moving it around to ensure a good crust without sticking.. Pressing it gently all the time.

I gave to admit that if I ate cheese I would eat this right up!.. Served with potato salad and coleslaw .. Store bought .. A tomato sliced, salted with Himalayan pink salt ..pepper and a drop of organic balsamic ..

The sandwich left cool just a bit then chopped into pieces ..

Mrs Fitz seemed to enjoy it .. A good lunch I reckons !

For me? Cauliflower fritters.. Or pakoras or whatever ..

A gram flour spiced and whisked up.. a chopped green de-seeded chilli added to the batter..

Cauliflower broken up and added to the batter.. Cooked in corn oil in the wok and of course drained on ikea brown paper.. It’s official.. I am now out if paper.. Ikea tomorrow ..

Served with maggis sweet and hot ketchup.. Always make a bigger batch than you need .. Distribution to pals and neighbours always gets you extra points! They were very happy.. I have to tell you again.. When you put them outta the oil into ikea paper they really do stay crisp and not greasy! (You have to try it..)

It’s a great way if eating cauliflower this as it doesn’t go too soft .. And the cauliflower is a healthy vegetable right?

So there you go.. Sandwich and fritters.. Lunch sorted .. (See Mrs Fitz ‘s work colleagues.. She really did have ‘sandwiches!)








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9 replies

  1. Loving the use of ikea paper!! Fritters look fab, my kind of healthy!


  2. Totally mystifies me that you do not like cheese! The fritters I’m loving, they must be very similar to the “potato chips” my favorite falafel place makes which are fried in gram or chickpea flour . . . they are chewy and so good . . . often I will go in and just get a bag of those and nothing else.


    • Those potato chips you speak about read exactly like the ones my mamas father used to make us.. Stunning !!! Dairy just doesn’t suit me! It’s one of my intolerances .. Dairy, cola, rye.. Also was brought up vegan till 14!


      • Oh, okay, but you would eat vats of cheese if you could, right? I mean you like the cheese but it doesn’t like you, right, . . . one of those things. . . . I personally find the more posh cheeses and raw dairy are super easy to digest but then again I’m not made of money so there.


      • Nah even then I don’t reckon! Just don’t ‘get’ it! Rotting milk?


  3. Cauliflower fritters look great! When I first read the title and saw the first photo I thought the cauliflower was in the toastie! D’oh


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