Chicken Sunday supper & blueberry crumble

An easy Sunday supper was required..

So real simple .. Jointed a few pieces off a fresh bird .. Into a pot with carrots, onions and shitake mushrooms, some herbs and seasonings.. A little water, covered and into the oven for an hour and a half-ish. Left to cool in the same oven. It’s gonna be eaten later anyways..

This gave enough time to pull some spuds outta the pot that me good ol’ pal Jack Taylor gave me.. Must request some more.. Ahem..

They were simply boiled, buttered and seasoned .. Oh and some garden chives too.. Stunning ! You really cannot beat spuds straight out of the ground into the pot.. For boiling or steaming at least..

The big jolly green giant sweetcorn and find mixed peppers will make the side..

As well ax some flat Yorkshire puddings.. I haven’t got a clue why they didn’t rise.. Just don’t get it!!! Hmm Mr Hedley? Are you reading this? I know you used to make killer yorkies.. What’s your secret please?

Anyhoo.. It’s a simple chicken supper.. There you go..

A mad desert though.. Inspired by my blogger pal Jaquie , a crumble was needed.. A Punnet of blueberries.. Into the pan with golden syrup sugar.. Boiled down. No water added!

A crumble mix made from Mrs Middletons flour , French unsalted butter and some golden granulated sugar..

Into a bowl.. into the oven for twenty minutes..

OH SWEET Jorge!!

this was a winner! I ate the lot.. (Then promptly zipped about the house until collapsing from the sugar rush..). That for sure is not going to be a regular thing!

Delicious though.. IMG_6599.JPG











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8 replies

  1. Oh, man. ! I’m not sure which dog that is in the pic but he/she looks hungry for potatoes. Do you grow them in a container or does Mr. Jack give you containers of spuds in the dirt every so often? I want them! What a marvelous Sunday supper.

    Liked by 1 person

    • He gives me containers we swap ! Mine are still growing that’s Mr Wentworth .. They both I think are intrigued in what I do in the dirt.. They then snuffle through it and cover their pretty faces with it !!


      • Love them, do you think you could train Wentworth and Clara to hunt for truffles?


      • One already has Mr Wentworth had passed the course! Type truffle in my search bit! He is a qualified chap!


      • I had a basset puppy in San Francisco, he was the cutest little thing as a puppy, then he grew up and became the cutest adult dog; so smart and the greatest personality, so mellow, not hyper like all the neighborhood dogs, just a cool dude. unfortunately when I moved to Topanga he went out one day and never came home I think the coyotes got him. So sad.


      • That is really sad! Our problem is that if they get a scent going they would just keep going…


  2. That looks like the perfect Sunday tea! Glad I inspired you to make crumble. Do love the photo of the dog watching you dig up the spuds!!


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