Monaco eating

Well I am in Monaco .. Famous for quite a few things..


That being the most famous perhaps?


It’s not the greatest weather yet hey! It’s still pretty cool..

Now eating.. After all I am in a place that must offer great cuisine no?..

Umm ..

So far sadly .. No ..

I begin with the burger I had in the hotel.. It was a good enough burger yet at .. Thirty two euros! Not a wagu or even a Charolais .. Humph..


The fries were good .. They had a scoop cut out of them to hold the Mayo/ketchup..( delete as appropriate)..

And of course you have to have an (8 euro).. Orangina, I love that stuff!


I felt bad at not tipping the very good server.. Yet after paying that price I had to go shower..

Onto dinner..

Here’s the menu ..


The starter sans creepy crawley crabby for me.. Looked pretty..


Unfortunately it didn’t taste as good as it looked darn it!

The main of veal was ok.. The truffle of course superb..


Yet again it lacked a something..

The desert was skipped as the dissapointing main meant I was still hungry..


I don’t like writing things like this post..

I do though think that this number plate sums the cuisine up so far..


Here’s hoping tonites meal is better..

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  1. Quit ordering burgers!!! Europe doesn’t make good burgers!! My husband won’t listen to me, and insists on getting a burger and he’s always disappointed. For my second bit of unsolicited advice, walk 2-3 blocks away from the ocean and you’ll find a fabulous bistrot with great food, and at 1/3 the price. I know this because my French mother taught me years ago. works in every country. If there’s no ocean, just walk away from the tourist area. Fancy hotels might have good food, but you’re just wasting good money and a wonderful cultural experience. Great post, tho!

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  2. I would love to go back to Monaco! We were lucky enough to get front row seats from the roof of the Fairmont for the F1 in 2013 – the atmosphere was fantastic! I hope the food improves for you and you enjoy the rest of your trip 🙂

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  3. Lol I had to laugh out loud at the end you are too funny! Your looking very dudey love the outfit

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  4. You look darn good in that hat Mr. Fitz. What a shame that you hadn’t had a good meal yet in Monacco. Go hunt the local eateries, bazaars. So looking forward to see your another post filled with the colors and food of Monacco.
    Have fun till you stay :).

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  5. Ah, Monaco for the Grand Prix – the good old days! Hard to screw up a slice of truffle, so count the small blessings I suppose 🙂

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