Eat at joes in amsterdam

Here I am in amsterdam .. It’s rainy and cold off the canals.. Yet hey. It’s such a lovely place.. Just so pretty ..

Good home style food was needed though so eat at joes it is..

A great place behind the milkweg on the delamar theatre side.. Eat at joes is there to feed not only public visitors yet all crew and bands/dj’s alike..

And like me get are looking for a warm smile and a good feed indeed..

Their vegetarian and vegan options are equally as good as the flesh eating ones .. And not just a couple thrown in at the end of the menu neither.. This is all fresh cooked eating.. And the menu changes daily I think..?

So what do we have?

Pork chop and mash..


And my dining companion?

Meatballs and roasties..


The pork chop was tasty.. The mash just superb! Like seriously superb!

Meatballs seemed to down well too.. And of course we shared plates.

Umm had a dessert too of pecan icecream with maple sauce and biscuits..

Got no pic though.. It just got ate..

Eat at joes gave me the warm food hug that was needed.. Looking forward to a rest and breakfast!

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4 replies

  1. I love that you call the breakfast potatoes Roasties. 🙂 I love learning new international food terminology.

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  2. sounds like you are having a truly terrible time…love Amsterdam in the winter, mysterious somehow, and cold all the better to enjoy a steaming mug of hot chocolate

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