Malaga meat feasting

Wow what a lovely sunny day here in Malaga , estapona.. Great hotel the hotel kempinski Marbella .. A super day spent in the sun listening to the sea like twenty metres away.. Under the palm trees with no fear of coconuts falling on your head!

A porky breakfast that had Mrs Fitz tutting away at me.. I stopped at the iberico chorizo and salami so c’mon!! Gimme a break! Right? Ummm ok..



Once suitably sunned ( all I needed was to rub myself in oil and salt perhaps a little thyme and the crackling would have been tremendous !)..

We decided on this little street side ‘bistro’ .. Called San Antonio ..


We took a glass there earlier and a quick conversation with the staff in broken English unravelled that they make fresh chips.. So that’s me sold!

The wine was delicious, local and cold.. The comp olives tasty as you like!

To order? The entrecôte , a sirloin and a side order of iberico ribs.. Too much? Possibly…


Did it all get eaten with gusto? OOOH yeah!!

We both found it lip smacklingy good.. Lip smacklingy wonderful honest food!

Ok.. I have to admit to having eaten all the ribs on top of most of the entrecôte you could cut with a spoon.. And the more grizzly bits of the sirloin that there were not that many of..

The veggies were crisp and delightfully fresh.. The chips??? Loved em! Seasoned well.. And just what was called for..


Desert had to be done.. A creme brûlée .. Flaming when it hit the table.. Cold and perfect underneath the crisp sugary coating.. Ooh la lah! I’ll fight you for it.. Honest I swear I will..


This is a must go to street side place turning out cracking home cooked fresh food.. Chef ping wouldn’t get a job here..

It’s a husband an wife affair.. Spanish husband chef.. French front of house wife.. That explains the fine wine and fantastic food I guess? You can tell they really really care.. And as we left there was a line for tables forming .. !!!

So back in the suite .. An ice bucket from the bar. A fantastic bottle of cava from the store ..

Does it get much better right now?

I am not sure.. Hehehe.. Heee heee



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  1. And I was so worried the chips wouldn’t be up to your English standards when I started reading. Glad for you the food and drink were ‘riquisimo’. After all, what’s the point of sun and beach if you can’t get a good meal for your efforts.

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  2. Epic breakfast sir,I feel inspired,gonna go rustle up something now. It needs to be big now though


  3. Very nice. That dinner has proven beyond a doubt that you would find yourself at home at one of our bbqs for sure!! 🙂

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