Steak and beetroot salad yoghurt breads

That a heap of words written up just there in that title huh?

Well with leftover steak to use up.. And some red ticket items to eat up before I fly to amsterdam.. Wraps is the answer.. Oh yes and in our house we do have left over steak.. Sometimes even left over bacon!!

A dough made from the same weight in plain flour as natural Greek yoghurt.. A pinch of Himalayan pink salt for flavour..

The salads of rocket and Steve’s leaves watercress bag..


A squinkle ( yes that IS a word!)… Of JO balsamic and olive oil..


Adding the red ticket beetroot salad also.. My attorney introduced me into eating beetroot with beefs.. He does this great roast thing.. Must get that recipe.. Beetroot and beefs really does hit it off!

The breads rolled out and cooked on the iron plate .. No big rise in these for some reason.. Hmm


Yet assembled and eaten with more magic Chimchurri sauce ..


Deeeliiissshhhooouuss! ( that funnily came up as derelict shootouts in the I phone spelling thingy!!)..


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  1. I love a flat bread with salad, and this appeals to me on so many levels!

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