Is this like the ‘ultimate’ steak Sanger?

Steak sandwiches.. For supper?

Yup indeedee ..

That marinated steak in olive oil , organic balsamic vinegar and cumin needs eating..

And what better than to take some ciabatta.. Drizzled with Mrs middletons pimped roscoff garlic oil.. Onto the pan..


With some real cute and tasty vine tomatoes and sweet red peppers ..


Tumbled into a rocket salad..


Smashed into the bread with some Chimchurri and hot horse radish .. And some cold fries.. Why do good cold fries work so well like this? First had them in the back streets of sousse Tunisia.. Stunning! They have to be a day old at least! Mrs Fitz does not agree that’s why they feature on only half the Sanger! ( try it though.. With fresh fried eggs and merguez .. Ooh laa Lahhh !! ).. Yet perfect also here..


Is this an ultimate steak sanger ?


I reckons so.. Also got the box set of love hate.. Seen it? . If not check it out!

This Sanger is great though brudda!

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16 replies

  1. Ha ha ha, that’s the perfect dinner for Love Hate!

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  2. Whoa dude. If you were a restaurant and Tweeted or Instagrammed those pics, you’d have a queue outside your shop a mile long. That’s one thing I love about cooking, you can be super generous with ingredients and they’ll still be half the price of what you pay for a restaurant equivalent.

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  3. Wow – what a sarnie. This would be so good using skirt/flank meat cooked on the BBQ…..

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  4. I think it is the ultimate steak sandwich Mr. Fitz, it looks so good.

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  5. It looks gorgeous

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