Puccia salad burgers with sweet potato fries = speedy easy supper!

sometimes speedy easy suppers are what you need.. And what is nicer than a burger? With fries.. Yeah!

The burgers are good quality ones.. Yet uprated by being beaten out flat and fresh thyme added.. 

The bread from puccia.. Delicious just lightly toasted to warm it.. 


The salad of tomato, pink onion , fresh parsley, and lettuce.. Crammed into the bun two of the parties in each.. (They are thinner than the clowns , the king or the castles and therefore cook so quick)..  
The sweet potatoe fries simply foraged from the depths of the deep freezer.. And cooked in the top oven  with a shake a shake shake of malt vinegar.. 


That’s it! 


Cracking supper.. Crackalackin’  

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