Zatar lavash with mojo skirt steak & chimchurri

Fancy exotica sounding title huh?

I suppose it hits taste points from around the world really..

The chimchurri first ..


Garlic, cumin powder, red chilli flakes, picked over parsley and coriander . Some chives and Punchy red wine vinegar and green olive oil .. Himalayan pink salt ( one for my attorney that!).. And a Twizzle of pepper..

All whizzed up and jarred.. The longer that can sit the better ..


Onto the mojo marinade for the red ticket skirt steak..

Using orange juice is not that usual for me in a marinade.. Great when you are Qing.. The sugars really work.. Yet lets hook this up ..

Tangerines instead of oranges.. Why? It’s all we have right now.. Some red ticket limes.. Salt, coriander , olive oil and black pepper.. Possibly some other bits too.. Ahh yes garlic of course! Maybe some other bits too.. Did I use the chilli? Maybe not..


All juiced, chopped and squished with the meat..


Wrapped up tight in a secondhand Waitrose deli bag..

Left in the magic oven to get its groove on..

A use up salad of red ticket radishes , red ticket cos leaves, tomato , carrot and spring onions


French dressing and red chilli to spike it up..

Onto that lavash .. Stonking bread lavash.. And when buttered and dusted with roasted zatar in the oven till a little crispy and chewy? Wowee woowweee Wooo woo..


All served up.. I like eating this way..



Simply delightful with the red pepper sauce and the Chimchurri ..

And the last bit of birthday Bakewell with a cup of tea for pudding 👏


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6 replies

  1. Wow! I absolutely love each and every ingredient! I swear! 😀 I wish I could have it for dinner!
    Thank you for bringing and sharing at FF, Mr.! 🙂
    Cheers, Mila

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  2. That photo of the steak – yum! 😀 Thanks for sharing & happy FF, Mr. Fritz.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Magic. I love eating that way. Great stuff!



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