Super soft skirt sharwarma kebobs

With a piece of skirt left that needs eating.. And we have been a little steaked out recently! I needed to turn it into something quite delicate..


What better than super soft kebab?

Minced the steak.. Also mincing the last of the parsley, the coriander, two chilli’s, a thumb of ginger, a stick of horseradish, garlic cloves and white onions.. All together!

This already smells amazing ..


Adding lamb shawarma spices and the juice of a tangerine.. And putting it back through the mincer..

NOW it really smells amazing! 👌👏

That just needs to relax in the magic oven for a while to really let all those tastes have a party..

Cora Murley decided it was a good time to relax also..




It’s time to eat ..

Squish the kebabs onto a metal pole.. This was the handle of a ladle.. This is to give them them hole in the middle that allows great cooking..


These are being grilled very slowly ..


They will need a little turning as they brown yet lee the heat real gentle.. You don’t really want them to crisp up..


A salad of pink Indian onion , carrot tomato and cos leaves.. Tossed in olive oil and fruit chaat spices.. Stinky yet tasty!


Served on paper thin lebanese bread..

With Chimchurri of course and a cucumber and mint natural yoghurt number..


Great eating !!

Just finished off with a sirop waffle and a cup of hot tea..


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11 replies

  1. Delicious! The flavours sounds great together! 🙂

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  2. Does that poor dog have to sit there and smell everything you cook with no way to reach it?

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  3. More meat? Why not! Yes please! 🙂

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  4. You are such a great cook, Mr. Fritz. The kebobs look so amazingly delicious. 🙂


  5. I see color! What an amazing dish here I can almost taste and smell it myself. What are “cos” leaves?

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