Three an a half hours smoked pork hock

The tree? It split down near us. Such a shame.. And they have actually cut the whole thing down now.. What a shame I am sure that it didn’t need that..

Ok let’s talk smoked hock of pork.,

Pork hock is (well should be.).. Very cheap and available .. To go smoked or unsmoked is really up to you. Also I don’t soak mine.. Just into the pan.. The spuds will absorb most of the salt.. Just remember dong season!! Yeeuucchkk!!

This is a great one pot number.. Not around that much these days .. The one pot number.. Am sure they are.. Yet perhaps just hidden for ‘ staple food’ rather than fancy pants baking and stuff?

Well I for sure am not going to hide this in the realms of a mid week supper!

This is so simple it should be on the curriculum of every school child’s schooling ( you get where I am coming from ✌️)..

So take that smoked hock.. Nestle it in amongst carrots potatoes and onions.. Pepper and bay leaves..


Fill it up with water .. Pop some part on top and close it up with the lid..

Cooked at 150 ( real money!).. Degrees for about three and a half hours..

It will look something like this!


Lift out the veggies and the pork.. When cool enough rip up the pork and pop it back into the sauce.. Flavour the sauce up with some parsley..

Adding the veggies back too..


Now that is good enough to serve up just like that.. And don’t ask me why yet the veggies don’t go mushy.. Brilliant dish!

Yet I needed to stretch this one out just a bit more as its being ‘donated’ to sone chaps from the pub that will appreciate a nourishing feed..

So adding beans is the way forward.. Borlotti..


And butter beans ..


A little meat stick to bulk out the sauce..


And that ten big portions right there.. For pennies.. And very hearty fodder!


Oh and as a little touch? Perhaps a secret shared?

Just a couple drops of smuggled back liquid mesquite smoke..


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  1. That is some effing tasty looking goodness there my friend. Pork hock is my friend 🙂

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  2. Ohhhh myyy look at that!


  3. I bet the waiting time is worth it. This looks good, Mr. Fritz. 🙂



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