Sarson ka saag and fried potatoes sambosa

Love Sambosa ..samosa.. Fried triangles of tastiness..

Who cannot like them! ( apart from those ones that have carrots or sweetcorn in.. What is THAT all about!).. It’s wrong.. So so so wrong..

Started by frying off spuds and onions in the new supply of Mrs Middletons oil.


Once drained.. Am also outta ikea brown paper.. Must fix that..

Into a pan with the can of sarson ka saag.. Such a good thing that..


Ate some of that with some great butter flatbreads..



Adding some more spices and some extra butter makes this great filling for the sambosa..

Cheaty Springroll sheets.. Cut into a round with a plate and then in half again..


Folding and making the pocket.. Spooning in the mix..


Plenty made, am sure there is an easier way though!


Fried off.. They seemed to take on a bit of grease . Yet perhaps the mix was a little buttery! Also some split on me.. Not sealed enough.. Humph 👎


Overall though.. Blinking tasty!!

As me scots pal would say.. Would I make them again?


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6 replies

  1. That’s awesome twist with saag combined with aloo n pyaaz as a filling for samosa!!

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  2. Mmm seriously tasty 🙂


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